What is Osteopathy

Osteopathic manipulationOsteopathy is a modern scientific treatment using manipulation and massage .  It is essentially a natural therapy which seeks to overcome a wide range of aches and pains resulting from the disturbances of the body’s framework.  Osteopaths follow an extensive four years training including anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body.  This equips them to evaluate and diagnose complaints using a variety of skills. The treatment is hands on physical treatment which can be a little uncomfortable at times but you will always be informed throughout your treatment what to expect.  The end results are worth it!

What do we treat?

Osteopathic treament can be effective in the treatment of any musculo-skeletal pain, that is any problem relating to joints, muscles or ligaments anywhere in the body.  We employ a holistic approach to the evaluation of any problem which means we asses your body as a whole, looking at the inter-relationships between all parts.

If after evaluating your problem osteopathic treatment is not indicated we will help to ensure that you are referred to the correct person to help you.